Plant Protein made with Pea Protein

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Fitspire Vegan Plant Protein combines essential amino from Pea protein, Rice Bran Ext., Flax Seed Powder, cocoa powder, Tomato powder, Daucus carota Powder, Beetroot Powder, Blueberry Powder, Barley Seed powder, Spinach Powder Amla Powder, DigeZyme,& Grape Seed Extract to provide holistic health, better energy, and immunity.
  • 20g of Complete Protein per serving of Fitspire Plant Protein
  • Vegan-friendly Protein blended with standardized plant-based extracts for daily nutrition and fitness
  • Enhances digestion and absorption with Digestive enzymes
  • Soy-free, no trans fat, non-GMO, no artificial sweetener, 0g added sugar

What Makes It Good?

  • Clean Protein Blend 
  • Digestive Blend 
  • Energy Blend 

What Makes It Better? 

  • Vegan 
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy Free
  • No Added Sugar


To prepare one serving. add 1 scoop (approx. 35g) in a Shaker & add 200 - 250 ml water. Shake well before drinking.

Frequently asked questions - 

1. Do I need to supplement with Plant Protein?
Since Fitspire vegan Plant Protein is designed to fill the daily protein requirement, it is suitable for all irrespective of your workout regime.

2. Can I get the same amount of protein from plants as I can from other sources of protein?
Of course yes. Plant-based foods have plenty of protein. However, to get the same amount of protein as found in other sources, you may have to eat a larger quantity of plant-based foods. Plant-based proteins are also packed with important nutrients and fiber, which are required for a healthy and balanced diet.

3. Is there a right time to consume Fitspire Plant Protein or can it be consumed anytime?
There’s no such timing for the consumption of Fitspire Plant Protein as it is essentially food and nutritional product.

4. To get complete protein, do I have to eat a particular combination of food with plant protein at each meal?
No, Plant-based proteins are also a complete protein for you. So you don’t have to add any other protein sources to fulfill your protein requirements.

5. I am already consuming protein from my diet, is there a need to include Plant Protein?
You need to check your total protein requirement which is 0.8g/kg/day for an average adult before including Plant protein in your list because overdosing on anything won’t help.

6. How can you protect products in transit?
Always keep in mind that products travel through many different routes before ending at their final destinations (reaching to you). Add to that the fact that the materials used to create the products have a separate journey involving transportation as well. Material damage is possible when products are in transit. We prevent it through the proper use of stretch wrap, proper tape, and essential protective packaging so that it reaches you safely.

7. Does Fitspire Plant Protein have side effects?
Fitspire Plant Protein is generally well-tolerated and doesn’t portray any side effects. However, you must monitor your total protein intake in a day because overconsumption may lead to stomach problems such as bloating

8. How to get the best results from Fitspire Plant Protein?
Consumption of Fitspire Plant protein is proven to give the best results when consumed any time of the irrespective of your daily schedule. But keep an eye on your daily protein consumption

9. Some plant protein leaves lumps (my past experience). Does it also leave lumps?
Due to its great mixability, it mixes easily leaving no lumps.

10. I am diabetic, going to the gym, can I supplement with Fitspire Plant Protein?
Fitspire Plant Protein is found to be safe for diabetics as it is known to regulate blood sugar levels and spike insulin secretion, however, it’s always better to consult your nutritionist or doctor, who can give the best advice related to the concern.

11. I’m an active athlete. Do I need more protein, and shouldn’t it come from Whey protein?
Protein is key to helping athletes repair and strengthen muscle tissue. However, you can still get your appropriate amount of protein from plant-based sources. In fact, many sports nutritionists recognize that plant-based protein is a proven source of protein that adequately meets the intense needs of high-performing athletes.

12. Can kidney patients supplement with Plant protein?
Before embarking on any supplementation for kidney patients, it is advised to consult your nutritionist or a doctor for best advice directly related to your concern.

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