Fostering Family Wellness through Veganism with Quality, Purity & Affordability.

Our Mission

To revolutionize Vegan, Better Tasting, Science-backed Nutrition for Family Wellness.

Our Vision

It’s Our Family, Our Responsibility.

Thus, the Vision remains to serve every family with Quality, Formulations, and Prices otherwise not accessible to the people.


We are a company on a mission of working round the clock to give you the perfect Fitspire Push. Attention to nourishing meals has become futile and secondary in this dynamic and busy world. Protein deficiency is also increasing due to a switch towards imbalanced ‘convenience’ foods​ that are low in protein and nutritional value. Unplanned vegetarian diets along with not knowing your body’s minimum nourishment requirements have slowly led up to nutrient deficiencies.

Fitspire came into existence for a reason. We are not just another health & wellness brand with business-driven goals. The thing that provoked our inception is the growing need for tasty, pure, and plant-based supplements for people of all age groups and segments.

Besides just selling the products to our customers, we let them join our brand’s revolution. We formulate specialized nutraceutical solutions that are free of chemicals & steroids and deliver essential nutrients in the form of General Health, Sports Nutrition, Child Well-being, and Personal Wellness.

Uncompromised quality and premium ingredients have been at the core of Fitspire. From calling ourselves a 100% vegan health & wellness family brand to receiving India’s most trusted health brand of the year 2022 award, we’ve sailed down a few success boats too.

Unlike brands that talk about miracles & unbelievable improvements, we focus on sustainability that comes organically. We understand and address the evolving issues in the nutraceutical industry closely to eliminate the risks of nutrient deficiencies. Knowing that healthy nutrients are a versatile treat for the body, we embed them into delicious flavors.

Let’s aspire people for a healthy life with Veganism. After all, fit families make a fit nation!

Drive to Veganism

We aim to be India’s Leading Vegan Health Wellness Company, essentially a vegan family health brand. Fitspire brings essential nutrients closer by providing consumers with the most innovative, ultra-pure, high-quality Vegan products using a holistic approach to nutrition and fueling.

Our drive #GoVeganWithFitspire is an initiative through which we highlight the importance of switching to Vegan. Because for us, making a valuable change to the nation and environment is a bigger achievement than driving sales. 

Due to a lack of awareness, people may not address the urgent need of adopting veganism. To solve this alarming issue, we focus on making Vegan alternatives. With such an outreaching goal, we don’t forget to add naturally-derived flavors to the products so they taste and benefit equally.

All in all, Fitspire markets products that are compliant with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), and ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

It is a brand under StarCap Wellness which is part of StarCap Projects, An Angel investment Co in India.